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Enable players to connect with any friend on any device. Game bridge friend connections across platforms and devices, providing your players with a better experience and increasing engagement.

Immerse Yourself in an Amazing World


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Explore LegaDefi Land to experience incredible architectural spaces, created with in mind of community members.


Build cross-platform multiplayer functionality in your game, peer-to-peer connectivity.


Create scenes, artworks, challenges and more, using the simple Builder tool. For more experienced creators, the LEGA provides the tools to fill the world with social games and applications.


Interact via a social interface with a single friend list and friend presence that reaches all platforms.

We succeed when you succeed

"We believes in an open, integrated games community. By offering our online services to everyone for free, we aim to empower more developers to serve their own player communities."

Trust statement

"LegaDefi Land is committed to protecting information systems, intellectual property, personal and customer data from misuse or compromise."

Build for a connected future

"With free, high quality cross-platform services. We want to encourage developers to widen gaming communities, friendships and grow the entire audience."
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    Gas fee refund & profit sharing from transaction fees

    Keep 88% of the revenue from your games instead of 70%

    Get 40% Marketing Revenue & 15% Bonus in LEGA Coins.


    LegaDefi Land is a game about business growth and development, through the power of creativity from designing and manufacturing your own signature products. Manage every aspect of your business by improving the buildings you own, you can also make it unique, make it rare and profitable in your own way. The superiority of capacity and strength of the competitive nature of the trade, you will maximize your profits by trading in the market.